Eureka Health & Wellness Membership Pricing

Our Direct Care Clinic Memberships Include

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go to the doctor without having to plan around your payday? Now you can. No more delaying visits when you are under the weather. 

Did you know that 20% of the calls that come in to a regular medical clinic either go to voicemail or go are not returned? How many times have you thought it would be nice to have your physicians phone number and email address? Access granted. Another benefit of membership!

It’s a catch twenty-two. You are sick and need antibiotics, but your physician won’t prescribe them without an office visit. The problem is, their next opening is in two weeks and you can’t wait that long. Not with Eureka Family Health and Wellness. We’ll see you fast!

Did you know that physicians are required to ‘keep it short’? It’s true. A physician who is part of a traditional system, is supposed to keep their appointments to 15 minutes or they lose part of the money your insurance pays them. The average time a patient talks to their physician in the traditional system is 5.3 minutes. Better talk fast if you are going to give them the full story on your health! Worse yet, the average time a physician talks to their patient in the traditional system is 5.2 minutes. How much care can your doctor really give you in 5.2 minutes? Many physicians have confessed that they are thinking about how they are going to end the visit from the second they walk through the door!

Because we don’t have our hands tied by insurance companies, we are here to listen to your concerns, ask questions, give our true feedback about your health and ask you if you have more questions. No rush.

When you are a member of Eureka Family Health & Wellness, your bloodwork through us, will be 90% LESS than you would pay through the hospital.

No more buying just enough to get you through the week, or the month. This savings will allow you to keep a reasonable amount of medication on hand.

This includes options for compounded medications not available locally.

Did you know that a DOT exam can cost between $50-$300 if you don’t have medical insurance? And you have to get one every 2 years!

On top of the sports fees, uniforms and equipment, sports physicals are a hit to the pocket book, especially if you don’t have insurance. A sports physical outside an insurance plan can run as much as $200.


Thank you for your interest in Eureka Family Health and Wellness.

Please click on the Member Agreement + HIPAA button, below, to preview the agreement and legal forms.  Legal speak which, to me, seems like overkill but is a necessary evil this day and age, unfortunately.  The agreement also includes details in regards to using available electronic and social media forms of contact which make communication easier but which occasionally are not as secure as we wish them to be.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable and you would like to do things “the old fashioned way,” just stop in or call 406-297-3266 (leave a message) and we can establish your account in person at your first appointment.  If, after reviewing the patient agreement, you have changed your mind about joining this clinic, just shoot me an email or call and your enrollment can be cancelled and your fees refunded.

I will also be sending you a medical records release.  This should be fillable online and allow you to e-sign it and either print it for you to mail to the clinic/physician you wish to request records from or can be emailed back to me so that I may deliver it to said clinic/physician’s office.  Again, if this electronic process makes you uncomfortable, feel free to stop in during our operating hours and we can assist with this process.

I am so excited to start this new adventure and for you to be a part of it with me!  My goal is to provide the most complete and personalized healthcare, incorporating alternative therapeutic modalities for those interested, and doing all of this in a comfortable, stress-free setting.  As opportunities unfold and present themselves, we will be integrating more services here in Eureka including additional alternative and holistic therapies, additional providers, and growing additional services within the co-op.

Many thanks for your support,

Dianna Carvey, D.O.

Eureka Family Health and Wellness, PLLC

If you are enrolled in state insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, we welcome your membership.

Medicare patients please pay special attention to Appendix C. As an ‘opted-out’ physician, Medicare will only cover medication, tests and referrals ordered by my, but will not cover any part of your visit costs/membership fees with me.

Medicaid will not cover medication, orders or referrals placed by our clinic.

To get started, download our Patirent Agreement and HIPAA Form.

Do you have questions we can answer? Send us a message or give us a call to discuss!